Circle Stage : Familiar Feeling Kitchen


Why is the traditional kitchen square form? Isn’t it possible for everybody who cooks to enjoy conversation with family or friends eating at the table? ATELIER BROOKS consider the kitchen is a very important place in the house where family and friends enjoy together with good relation. So, we designed Round Island Table Kitchen called “Circle Stage” first in the world.

Please refer to the picture here under, this is the “Crescent Type” displayed in KARUIZAWA Gallery & Salon. “Crescent Type” is shaped in 3/8 circle and the cooking space equipped with a sink and IH heater, located in the rest of the circle (5/8).

Then the person who cooks, staying in the center of the circle, can cook, set the table, clear the table and wash dishes. The main characteristic of the “Crescent Type” is a comfortable eating space of the round table at the arc part of 3/8 circle. By psychological reason, it is said that we can increase our concentration and feel close each other at the round table.

The “Crescent Type” is a epoch making space linking round table and kitchen. In addition, the length of long side is 258 ~ 355cm, which is approximately same size comparing with a traditional Island Kitchen. The “Crescent Type”, as you see below, you can enjoy cooking at the center of circle surrounded by your family and friends. You also make face to face communication with everyone eating at the table. Of course, you can cook and eat together in the open kitchen. 7 people (9 people for Half Moon Type) can sit together at once, it is very useful as a party table. We propose to make the kitchen floor lower by 10 ~15 cm, so that you can sit on a normal chair but not high chair.In this case, we can prepare slope floor in order to keep children and aged people safe.

Circle Kitchen

“Crescent Type” (W288cm, for 6 people) displayed in KARUIZAWA Gallery & Salon. Natural marble used for the kitchen top, and built in oven range and dish washer can be prepared.

Our “Circle Stage” has 3 types (ref: picture ① models here below). In addition to the “Crescent Type” mentioned above, we have “Peninsula Type” (for 6 persons) and “Half Moon Type”(for 9 persons). “Peninsula Type” can be hung on a wall. We have also, for each type, the counter table series with 15cm lower sub counter that you see picture ②、③.Thanks to the lower sub counter, you can sit on a normal chair but not high chair.
Our basic concept of each type is the round form. We are preparing many types to fit your various requests such as reform, newly built, room space and number of people etc… All designs are registered in USA, EU and China, which give an additional value to our products as only one in the world.
Kitchen, Dining and Party Table, “Circle Stage” will provide you a precious eating space.

3type model

picture ① from left, models of Peninsula Type (can be hung on wall), Crescent Type (same type displayed in the gallery mentioned above), Half Moon Type. <(radius of all types : around 167cm, range and dish washer are built in.)

Detailed size (there is small difference in size depending on manufacturer) →  Tabular Drawing


picture ② Peninsula Type with sub counter 15cm lower than Kitchen Top. Normal chair can be used. Width of sub counter is around 45cm. (ref : residence A in Kanagawa pref. Additional Cabinet is attached at left)


picture ③ The same sub counter type as Peninsula Type. (ref : exhibition hall in Shizuoka pref.)


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