The Fusion of Beauty and Comfort


Atelier Brooks is a design studio engaged in overall design and
architecture, beginning with the world’s only one circular island
kitchen “Circle Stage”, and engaged as well in bath and toilet design.
Our creative concept is “the fusion of Beauty and Comfort”, engendered by
our wish to improve not only external beauty, but also internal

What kind of design do we mean? Everyone is attracted by beauty, but
our target of “Beauty” is one that also provides both visual and sensual
“Relaxation” and “Peace”, thereby providing joy and pleasure.
For example, we often see stairs without a railing, due to a overly
strong pursuit of simplicity. Yet, in a household with small children or
elderly, such stairs are unsafe. They may look good, but do not provide
the “peace” we truly require.

Besides stairs, there are other cases without practicality or safety,
such as interiors with bare concrete wall or interiors with many steps,
which are neither practical nor safe. When considering the renovation or
construction of a house, the highest priority should be the feelings of
the people actually living there, not the designers and architects

Atelier Brooks pursues superior design, but without sacrificing
“comfort” by reducing safety or utilizing designs that are hard to use.

Regarding island kitchens: Rectangular styles are the norm worldwide,
so other styles of dining tables for eating comfortably on kitchen are
not available. Counters are often too narrow, and tables too big to fit
in a normal kitchen.

For this reason, Atelier Brooks designed the “Circle Stage”,
transforming the rectangular island kitchen to a circular shape, one
that takes full advantage of the available shape. Not only is it easily
possible to cook in the center of a circle, effectively utilizing space,
both the cook and all present can enjoy their time together. Please
refer to the menu of “Circle Island Kitchen” for details.
A space in which family and friends can connect with each other well,
sharing the pleasure and excitement of being together is the aim of the
kitchens from Atelier Brooks. When considering new construction or
redecorating a home, please consider our unique designs.

We look forward to being of service to you.

Atelier Brooks Hiro Ogawa

Atelier Brooks Karuizawa Gallery & Salon

Atelier Brooks Karuizawa Gallery & Salon

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